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  Academic Activities
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  · Materials Chemistry Frontiers Forum-Prof. Peidong YANG's Lecture
  · Mr. Salhabi, Esmail Husein M Successfully Defended His Ph. D. Thesis
  · 预告:材料化学前沿大讲堂第五讲(杨培东教授讲座),6月14日15:30,大厦多功能厅
  · May 20, 2019. Prof. FengLi’s lecture
  · May 14, 2019-Prof. Peng Cheng's Lecture
  · May 14, 2019-Prof. Lasheng Long's Lecture
  · May 13, 2019-Prof. Patrice Simon's Lecture
  · April 22, 2019, Prof. Min-hui LI's Lecture
  · April 19, 2019-Materials Chemistry Frontiers Forum-Prof. He TIAN's Lecture
  · 预告:材料化学前沿大讲堂第四讲(田禾院士讲座),4月19日下午2点,过程大厦五层多功能厅
  · Materials Chemistry Frontiers Forum-Prof. ZhongFan LIU's Lecture
  · Materials Chemistry Frontiers Forum-Prof. Benzhong Tang's Lecture
  · 2018年7月5日崔屹教授访问课题组并做了精彩学术报告
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