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Mar 29, 2022- Prof Jia Zhu's lecture

Ms. Dechai Zhao Successfully Defended Her Ph. D. Thesis
2021年11月5日下午,中科院过程工程研究所的博士研究生赵德偲同学顺利通过博士学位论文答辩。本次答辩会议在过程大厦A座308会议室举行,并采用线下和网络会议相结合的方式。赵德偲同学的博士论文题目为《中空多壳 ...2021-11-24

Mr. Jilu Zhao Successfully Defended His Ph. D. Thesis
2021年11月12日下午,本课题组博士研究生赵吉路同学在过程大厦1508会议室采用线上和线下相结合的方式进行了博士论文答辩,顺利通过答辩。赵吉路同学的博士论文题目为《复杂中空多壳层结构的制备及其储能性质研究 ...2021-11-23

Nov. 20, 2020, Prof Pan Feng's lectrue

,诚挚欢迎热爱科研、勤奋刻苦、认真负责、有上进心的年轻人加入团队!研究团队简介:首席研究员PI王丹,研究员,博士生导师。国家杰出青年基金获得者,科技部中青年科技创新领军人才,科睿唯安全球高被引科学家 ...2020-07-07

Nov 11, 2021- Prof Zhonghua Xiang's lecture

Oct 18, 2021- Dr Ma Lulu's lectrue

Jun 18, 2021- Prof Rosei's Lecture

May 22, 2021- Prof Zijian Zheng's lecture

Feb 3, 2021-Prof. Shubin Yang's Lecture

Materials Chemistry Frontiers Forum-Prof. Peidong YANG's Lecture

Mr. Salhabi, Esmail Husein M Successfully Defended His Ph. D. Thesis
On the afternoon of May 23, 2019, doctoral candidate Mr Salhabi, Esmail Husein M successfully passed the Doctoral Thesis Defense with an excellent grade The Thesis De ...2019-06-28


May 20, 2019. Prof. FengLi’s lecture

May 14, 2019-Prof. Peng Cheng's Lecture

May 14, 2019-Prof. Lasheng Long's Lecture

May 13, 2019-Prof. Patrice Simon's Lecture

April 22, 2019, Prof. Min-hui LI's Lecture

April 19, 2019-Materials Chemistry Frontiers Forum-Prof. He TIAN's Lecture

  Publications MORE+

228.Recent progress and challenges in crystalline graphdiyne
Xinkang Liu, Yasong Zhao*, Jiang Du*, Dan Wang*, 2024, DOI:10 1007 s40843-023-2735-6 https: link springer com article 10...02/14

227.ZnO HoMS@ZIF-8 Nanoreactors for Efficient Enrichment and Photo-Reduction of Atmospheric CO2
Yanze Wei, Juan Li, Decai Zhao, Yasong Zhao, Qinghua Zhang, Lin Gu, Jiawei Wan and Dan Wang*, CCS Chemistry, 2024, DOI:...01/24

226. Mesoscience in Hollow Multi-Shelled Structures
Yanze Wei, Decai Zhao, Dan Wang*, Advanced Science, 2023, DOI: doi org 10 1002 advs 202305408 https: onlinelibrary wile...12/04

225. 中空多壳层结构TiN修饰隔膜对锂硫电池性能增强研究
Wei Xu, Ruyi Bi, Mei Yang, Jiangyan Wang*, Ranbo Yu*, Dan Wang*, Chinese Science Bulletin, 2023,DOI: 10 1360 TB-2023-1006...11/20

224.Hollow multishelled structural TiN as multi-functional catalytic host for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Wei Xu, Ruyi Bi, Mei Yang, Jiangyan Wang*, Ranbo Yu* and Dan Wang*, Nano Research, 2023, DOI: 10 1007 s12274-023-6144-6 ...10/06

223. Two-Dimensional Carbon Graphdiyne: Advances in Fundamental and Application Research
Xuchen Zheng, Siao Chen, Jinze Li, Han Wu, Chao Zhang, Danyan Zhang, Xi Chen, Yang Gao, Feng He, Lan Hui, Huibiao Liu,...07/25

222.Hollow multishelled structural ZnO fillers enhance the ionic conductivity of polymer electrolyte for lithium batteries
Yingjian Ma, Ruyi Bi, Mei Yang, Peng Wei, Jian Qi, Jiangyan Wang,* Ranbo Yu,* Dan Wang,*Journal of Nanoparticle Research,...07/06

221.Design of Hollow Nanoreactors for Size- and Shape-Selective Catalytic Semihydrogenation Driven by Molecular Recognition
Yutong Pi, Linxia Cui, Wenhao Luo, Haitao Li, Yanfu Ma, Ta Na, Xinyao Wang, Rui Gao, Dan Wang,* Qihua Yang,* Jian Liu,...07/06

219.Ni-rich Cathode Materials for High-performance Li-ion Batteries: Challenges, Progress and Perspectives
Junnan He, Mei Yang,* Jiangyan Wang, Ranbo Yu,* Dan Wang,*ChemNanoMat, 2023,e202300148 https: onlinelibrary wiley com doi...06/08

218.Hierarchical structure regulation for sequential steps in solar vapor generation
Xuanbo Chen, Shuyong Liu, Nailiang Yang, Ranbo Yu,* Dan Wang,* EcoMat 2023, e12348 https: onlinelibrary wiley com doi 10 1002 eom2 12348...05/30

217.Delicate Co-Control of Shell Structure and Sulfur Vacancies in Interlayer-Expanded Tungsten Disulfide Hollow Sphere for Fast and Stable Sodium Storage
Xing Zhang, Ruyi Bi, Jiangyan Wang,* Meng Zheng, Jin Wang, Ranbo Yu,* Dan Wang*,Advanced Materials, 2023, 35, 2209354 htt...05/21

216.Response and Regulation of the Microenvironment Based on Hollow Structured Drug Delivery Systems
Decai Zhao, Yanze Wei, Jing Xiong, Chunsheng Gao,* Dan Wang*Advanced Functional Materials, 2023,https: onlinelibrary wiley ...04/21

215. A Universal Formation Mechanism of Hollow Multi-Shelled Structures Dominated by Concentration Waves
Yanze Wei, Yiping Cheng, Decai Zhao, Yuan Feng, Peng Wei, Jiangyan Wang, Wei Ge,* Dan Wang,*Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023,...04/06

192. Highly Efficient Photothermal Conversion and Water Transport During Solar Evaporation Enabled by Amorphous Hollow Multishelled Nanocomposites
Xuanbo Chen,Nailiang Yang,Yanlei Wang,Hongyan He,Jiangyan Wang,Jiawei Wan,Hongyu Jiang,Bo Xu,Liming Wang,Ranbo Yu,Lianming Tong,...11/13
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